• One month Car Training with LL & Permanent Driving Licence (Smart Card).
  • Every day 8 Km. training limit per candidate for one month.
  • Training will be given in various types of cars.
  • Maintenance & Mechanism class will be conducted on Second Saturday at Nehru Nagar office at 9-30 a.m.
  • Training Timings: 7 am to 6-30 pm.
  • Timings will be adjusted as per customer convenience.
  • Parents & Kids are not allowed with trainees.
  • 100% Advance payment.
  • Fees one paid is not refundable.
  • Door pickup facility is available only for ladies with extra charge.
  • Every Sunday Holiday.
  • Admission is valid only for 6 months.
  • Admission will not be transferable.

Theory Class

We believe in the happy blend of theory and practice. We are particular that our students should get clear directions before and during practical sessions. Clarity of directions, discussion of specific road situations and cases and the availability of a free and frank forum for clearing all doubts boost up the interest and enthusiasm of the students. BMDS not only imparts lessons or just the theory and practice of driving, but we are particular that all our students internalize BMDS philosophy of safe driving, and a road culture rooted in civic sense. We make this possible through lively case discussion sessions in theory classes. Sorry, there is no excuse for exemption from theory classes.

Documents Required For Driving Licence

  • Address Proof : Ration Card / Voter ID Card / Pass Port / Serving Letter from Govt. Dept / Adhar Card
  • Age Proof : Birth Certificate / School Leaving Certificate / Xth Marks Card / Passport
  • Photographs : 4 copies Passport size
  • If you have wheeler licence, zerox copy and Birth certificate / School leaving certificate.

Inspection Of Vehicle

When you go for first drive of the day, check the following

Training - LMV.

  • Information’s
  • Documents Required.


  • Theory
  • Maintenance & Mechanism
  • Defensive Training

Maintenance & Mechanism:

We will be completely training on the maintenance of the vehicle to assure your safety and good performance of the vehicle.

1. Around the vehicle
2. General Cleaning
3. Tyre Pressure
4. Hubnuts & Bolts
5. Wheel Checking
6. Spare Wheel & Jack
1. Engine oil level
2. Brake Fluid Level
3. Battery Electrolyte
4. Fan Belt
5. Wiper Water
6. Coolant Level
1. Seat Adjustment
2. Mirror Adjustment
3. Seat Belt
4. ABC Control
5. Hand Break
6. Gear lever
7. Meter Gauge
8. All Doors& Window Locked
9. All Lights & Indicators
RC Book,
Emission Test,
First Aid Kit and
Driving License.

Defensive Training:

However we train our students to drive smartly, observing all the rules, the sad reality remains that a good percentage of other persons on the road do not have the vision of smart and safe driving. Uncaring, rash and negligent driving of others can still land up our students in danger. So a defensive style is imperative. We train our students to anticipate and avoid dangers. We advocate proactive defensive driving. In short has become the last word in driving training.

We guarantee you interesting classes to make students better and safer drivers on the road.

  • So come! Be a part of this driving revolution only at BMDS… 
  • We SCHEDULE Classes Refresher training for license holders
  • Also we have verity of different packages to suit your needs.